SURF ‘n’ SUNday!

SURF ‘n’ SUNday!

Yesterday we had our first “Surf ‘n’ SUNday” event, and it was FUN! We offered free lessons and lost count of the kids (and adults!) we got on boards. We had music, munchies, and great company. Thank you so much to everyone who showed your support! We hope to do it again reaaal soon. When in doubt, paddle out! Have a beautiful week, everyone!

Summer Waves!

Summer Waves!

Summer is peaking! Is it waves you are seeking? Yesterday was a magical day for surf lessons on South Padre Island. We were blessed with sunshine, dazzling water, and the opportunity to show Will and his mama how to ride their first waves! Check out the pics and then join us at the beach!



Food is what provides us energy and life. It’s what nourishes and sustains us. It influences every function in our body- from our blood to our brains. Not only does it affect or own physical, mental, and spiritual health; it affects the health of our communities and the entire world. The way our food is grown, harvested, processed, shipped, and sold all has an effect on the environment and the economy. Everything- everything– is affected by what we choose to consume.

Think about the last thing you ate. Where did it come from? What was it made with? How did it get on your plate? How did it make you feel? Unfortunately, these aren’t questions most people ask. Our culture is becoming more and more separated from food, to the point where most people aren’t even aware of what they’re actually eating. It has become socially acceptable to eat manufactured chemicals that we can’t even pronounce. It has become socially acceptable for corporations to engineer food specifically designed to make us addicted. To keep us paying. It has become “okay” to spray food with poison- poison that leeches into our waterways and can be found in the blood of our children.

When food is grown on mass scales for profit, money becomes more important than people’s health and safety. Chemical companies such as Bayer even profit off making people sick, because they also make the chemicals that “cure” the sickness they create. Heart Disease and Cancer are the top two killers in our country. Every year, millions of people walk, run, cut their hair, and donate money in search of a cure. But the rates keep rising. Could it be because people aren’t focusing on the cause? They continue to eat food that is making them sick. Then they take pills that are making them sicker and changing their moods. When your body is sick, your mind is clouded. You can’t think or feel clearly, making it even more difficult to make decisions about your health and life. It is a sick cycle- a system from which we must break free.

What we put in our bodies can be either destructive or vital; so we choose ITAL. Ital (or I-tal) comes from the word “vital,” which means “full of life” or “essential to life.” Ital is food that increases our livity, our prana, our life force. It comes straight from the earth. It isn’t destructive to the environment inside or outside of our bodies. It doesn’t come from, or create, suffering or death. It is natural, real, and clean. It respects all of life and creation.

Ital foods are grown with love. They include organic fruits, vegetables, grains, and beans. They are grown in the sunlight, and are full of its energy. They are grown naturally, without destructive chemicals or excessive fossil fuel machinery. They are grown with the purpose of nourishing and providing. They are grown locally, where there is no need for mass transport or sending money out of the community.

One of our missions at Hojas y Olas and Southern Surf Schools is to promote Ital living. We believe that by changing the way we eat, we can change the whole world. The work we do on the inside radiates outward like a mandala. It all starts with the food… or with the seed. Let’s plant them!

Stay tuned for recipes and more info on staying irie and ital!

Expression Session 2016

Expression Session 2016

On June 24, 2016 our surf familia came together to resurrect the Memorial Expression Session. The purpose of the event was to honor local surfers who are surfing the greatest wave in the sky. Over 52 people signed up, paddled out, and participated in the activities. Los Loco Locals provided sweet reggae music that could be heard from the lineup. Local fruits and veggies were served up from Frannie’s Garden and Bayview Veggies. Quik Stop provided fresh Gulf Coast shrimp. JAH provided the waves.

There was no winner but there were lots of prizes! We had beautiful pieces from local artists, a surfboard from Island Native, goodie bags from On the Beach and Isla, and more. Thank you to everyone who donated and participated!


Thank you Mel Beck for the photos!